walterkim213 nissan z proto render

Rendered: Nissan Z Proto

The new Nissan Z Proto has created a lot of buzz in the automotive world. A car created to bring together the past and future generations of the mighty Z is sure to be a hit, especially when it is released with pleasing aesthetics, and of course, a twin-turbo V6 under the hood. It was no doubt that upon release, several renderers would be booting up their software to show the automotive world what exactly can be crafted out of this prototype. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Nissan Z Proto renders below, from simple and sleek to all out widebody madness, and you’re sure to enjoy every bit of it.

yasiddesign render of nissan z proto
Artist: @yassiddesign

Up first is probably one of my favorite renders so far, by @yasiddesign. If you didn’t know, the Z proto is about 5 inches longer than the 270Z, but that didnt stop Yasid from adding even more length to the car, with an extended from bumper, and you guessed it, new headlights. The render is filled with throwbacks to previous generations of the Z, including fender mirrors, a spoiler, and rear window louvers. The build is definitely complete with some fender flares sitting over the RS Watanabe wheels!

jonsibal render of nissan z proto
Artist: @jonsibal

You can’t go wrong with @jonsibal’s renders, ever. His goal with the Nissan Z Proto was to retain the original front end design as much as possible, which he did superbly while ading little touches here and there to make this thing pop. Aerodynamics were definitely what he was going for, with canards up front, a big GT Wing in the back, sideskirts, and a lip. The widebody fenders look like they came from the factory, which is a pleasing touch. The build wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t sitting on some TE37’s!

walterkim213 nissan z proto render
Artist: @walterkim213

Next on the list is this minimalistic masterpiece by @walterkim213, a render than looks like it just came from the factory. This car definitely gives a nod to the 300ZX, which you will notice once you look at that rear end. A slight tweaking to the taillights and a rear bumper that sticks out a tad bit more really goes a long way for this ride. What also looks like a slightly longer front bumper and redesigned grille are enough for me to desperately want this render in real life!

bradbuilds z proto render
Artist: @bradbuilds

As with most renders of the Nissan Z Proto, @bradbuilds had to start off with a widebody kit as its basically a rite of passage in the rendering world. The way the kit he designed flows with the lines of the car is definitley aesthetically pleasing. Brad says that the Z Proto, soon to be 400Z, is a slightly bland platform, but gives the most room for aftermarket parts, which I definitely agree with. He proved this with his render, incorporating several new features like the widebody kit, aero kit with a diffuser, and more.

render of new nissan
Artist: @flathat3d

Last, but not least, is the render from @flathat3d, who is also the one responsible for creating a 3D model for most of these renderers to build off of. Moving on from the Z Proto we just talked about, this one is on the completely opposite side of the spectrum. From subtle to racecar, this ride is ready to take on a race track near you. A huge wing, aggressive diffuser, widebody kit, and side exit exhaust are enough to know that this car means business.

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