Scaled: LEGO Creator Porsche 911

A legend in the automotive world, the Porsche 911 is known for its prowess in motorsport and unique and attractive styling. Now you can assemble a classic model yourself with LEGOs Creator series Porsche 911 kit. Coming in 1458 pieces, this build is an advanced level build that will undoubtedly pay off in the end.

LEGO Porsche 911 box

This LEGO Porsche 911 has all of the iconic features that fans will appreciate. There is an insane amount of detail with a functional steering wheel and gear shift as well as tilting seats. The model comes in a classic white exterior with orange/brown nougat interior.

LEGO Classic Porsche 911

A unique feature with this build is it’s changeable body parts allowing it to be either the turbo version with a modeled turbo engine with intercooler, or the targa model with its iconic targa bar and rear glass window with removable roof that can store right in the hood. The engine is finely modeled and captures that classic Porsche boxer engine look.

LEGO Classic Porsche 911

Built with true appreciation for the platform, this LEGO kit is a fine Porsche collectible. For fans of Porsches or classic cars, here’s your next project.

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