raceseng titanium lug nuts

Trinkets: Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nuts

raceseng titanium lug nuts

Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nuts

Spending a pretty penny on a fresh set of wheels only to be ruined by an ugly and insecure set of lug nuts is a common problem among car enthusiasts. Raceseng has not only recognized this problem, but has developed quite possibly the perfect solution. The Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nuts are forged from titanium, which will never rust or corrode.

titanium lug nuts with center lock

They also feature a unique internal drive feature which helps to keep the outside of your lug nuts looking mint while eliminating the chances of hitting your wheels with bulky sockets or lug wrenches. The internal drive system also helps to add a superior layer of security to all 20 of your lug nuts. The TNR-1 lug nuts come standard with a conical seat, but you can upgrade to billet aluminum floating seats which help to prevent marring on you wheel face. The lug nuts are completed with a brushed finish, ideal for a nice contrast to dark colored wheels.

raceseng lug nuts

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