Raceseng ashiko shift knob

Trinkets: Raceseng Ashiko

Raceseng ashiko shift knob

Raceseng Ashiko

There’s a lot to be said about driving an aesthetically pleasing car, but the feel you get while driving it is what heightens the experience. The same goes for the shift knob that throws those gears into action, and gets that engine cranking out power towards the wheels. The Raceseng Ashiko shift knob focuses on look and feel, helping to achieve smoother and faster shifts. Weighing in at 735 grams, the extra mass gained from the 303 stainless steel smooths out notchy shifting. Its broader cylindrical shape and domed top face make sidehand and overhand shifting feel equally comfortable. To finish it off, a meticulous powder coating process leaves the Ashiko shift knob with a textured finish for better grip, and it comes in red, black or graphite.

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