luftgekuhlt book v2

Trinkets: Luftgekuhlt Book V2

luftgekuhlt book v2

Luftgekuhlt Book V2

Port of Los Angeles. Ganahl Lumber. Universal Studios. These three locations all have one thing in common — they have all held one of the most well known Porsche events in the world, Luftgekuhlt. The Luftgekulht event is celebrated every year to recognize the beauty and importance of air-cooled Porsches, and the Luft Book V2 was created to capture each of these events through world class photography to engage the viewer in a visual and literary experience.

luftgekuhlt porsche book

Designed, produced, and printed in California, the Luft Book V2 includes photography from Larry Chen, Kevin Pontious, Vince Perraud, and more, while the book itself was designed by Jeff Zwart and Ralph Hermens. The book is complete with a sleeve and is packaged in a stylized box. 

luftgekuhlt book v2

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