mustang mach-e gt fragrance

Trinkets: Ford Mach-E GT Spawns Gasoline Scented ‘Mach-Eau’ Fragrance

There’s no denying that electric cars are here to stay, especially with their mind boggling performance and ability to quickly charge overnight. However, many automotive enthusiasts are still a bit unsure of whether to take the plunge or stick to their glorified gas guzzling vehicles. This is where Ford steps in, a company known for fuel hungry cars like its pride and joy, the Mustang. 

Over 50 years of Mustangs later, Ford has now started to produce the Mustang Mach-e GT, a fully electric and super capable electric vehicle. But what does this electric vehicle lack, and why are many enthusiasts scared to take the plunge? Fumes. We hate to love it, but the smell of gasoline keeps us coming back to gas-powered vehicles time and time again. 

mustang mach-e gt

Ford conducted a large survey of drivers to find that one in five said they’d miss the smell of gasoline the most if swapping to an electric car, while a whopping 70% claimed they’d miss the smell to some degree. Drivers also ranked the smell of gasoline higher than both wine and cheese, with a tie going to new books. With this sort of conclusion, it was without question that they had to create some sort of premium fragrance for those who crave the evocative smells of traditional gas-powered cars. 

mustang mach-e gt

Named Mach-Eau, this high-end fragrance fuses smoky accords, aspects of rubber, and even an ‘animal’ element to give a nod to the Mustang heritage. As of now, the fragrance isn’t for sale, but give it a few more years and a higher percentage of people switching to electric vehicles to see whether or not it is available then!

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