new hot wheels tesla cybertruck and cyberquad r/c

Scaled: Hot Wheels R/C 1:10 Tesla Cybertruck With Cyberquad

Hot Wheels has now beat Tesla thrice, debuting their newest radio controlled scaled version of the Tesla Cybertruck, this time with a Cyberquad joining along. This 1:10 scale R/C Cybertruck combines the sleek futuristic design and fearless innovation of Tesla with the everlasting legacy of Hot Wheels. 

top down tesla cybertruck and cyberquad

As mentioned, this is the third round of Cybertrucks Hot Wheels has produced, the first being a $400 1:10 scale model, the next a 1:64 scale model R/C model, and now the $100 1:10 scale R/C model, this time with the Cyberquad. The included Cyberquad, whose body shape matches that of the Cybertruck flawlessly, is a magnificent touch for the set, and is designed to fit perfectly in the bed of the truck. The remote control for the Tesla Cybertruck is modeled after the real deal, and is exclusive to this model. 

tesla cyberquad hot wheels


Moving onto the details of the Cybertruck, the headlights and taillights are fully functional, giving that extra piece of authentic styling Tesla is known for. When it comes to speed, the Cybertruck can reach up to 12 mph, with a run time of 20-25 minutes. Whether you’re an R/C enthusiast or not, you’re going to want to get behind the wheel of this R/C Cybertruck!

controller for cyberquad hot wheels

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