Scaled: Amalgam x Ferrari Scale Models

Ferrari has recently teamed up with Amalgam, a large-scale model company, to make your purchase of a new Ferrari that much sweeter. Working in collaboration, with the purchase of a new Ferrari, customers will now have the choice to buy a scale model of their new Italian supercar at Ferrari dealerships. Don’t worry folks, you can still buy these scale models if you don’t plan on buying a brand new Ferrari anytime soon, but you’ll be limited to the almost two foot long 1:12 models. The Ferrari dealerships will be able to get new customers 1:8 replicas of their cars, however. 

Starting from the Ferrari F430, all newer Ferrari models are created by Amalgam, including such cars as the Roma, Superfast, SF90 Stradale and more. While Amalgam’s models do capture the beauty of fine Italian design, they do come at a cost. With more than 1000 parts to each build, prices reflect the work involved. For example, a 1:8 scale Ferrari 812 GTS will run you close to $12,564, while Ferrari 512 BB LM Le Mans can reach $13,069. 

So, whether you’re buying a new Ferrari and looking to have a mini-me on your desk, or are just looking for a highly detailed model of your favorite car, you’ll want to check out the Amalgam Collection. 

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